Clear SharePoint cache using powershell


Sometimes an event with ID 6398 is logged in the Windows Application log. This is usually due to the configuration cache being outdated. To solve this issue you need to perform some steps on the SharePoint server to force a rebuild of the configuration cache. With this powershellscript you can perform these actions easily. Read More »

Free eBook SharePoint 2013 guide

free ebook

Microsoft has released a free guide for SharePoint 2013 in various popular eBook formats. This eBook containS 1156 pages full of guides, tip and troubleshooting. All the content is from the Microsoft SharePoint Technical Library and it seems that “everything” is covered in this eBook. From installation to configuration to management to troubleshooting, both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation are ... Read More »

The Managed Metadata Service is currently not available


Recently I got his error,  after installing ServicePack 1, when I tried to work in the Managed Metadata service application in SharePoint 2013. The Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available. The Application Pool or Managed Metadata Web Service may not have been started. Please Contact your Administrator Read More »

Stop SharePoint services with powershell


With the release of the SharePoint 2013 Public Update last year we found out that the installation of the update can take more than 5 hours. We also found out that when we stop all SharePoint services the installation of the Public Update went a lot quicker. Now with the release of Service Pack 1 you can use the stop ... Read More »